Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tax Time

She watched him toll away at his taxes. Papers were strewn in front of him and the light above the table seemed brighter than usual due only to the stress of the work involved. As she sat in the other room with his back is to her, she could see his shoulders tense and she felt the weariness that came from his body, even from a distance. She turned on some music to soften the evening, even though she felt there was little chance he would hear it with his mind so occupied with work. But it wasn’t important because she had a plan to distract him and help him relax. She quietly strolled into the bedroom and stripped down into her tiny black lace panties. Taking one of his freshly pressed white dress shirts from the closet, she slipped it over her petite naked body leaving all but 3 buttons undone. She draped his favorite silk tie around her neck, and moved over to the mirror to examine her creation. Just a few more details, she thought. So she twisted her long brunette hair up tightly into a bun and held it in place with a single hairpin, then lightly dabbed his favorite perfume onto the parts of her body that pulsate. Finally, slipping into a pair of black stilettos, she felt she was now prepared to launch her plan. So she sauntered out into the dining room with a stern look of concentration. Moving across the table from him, her 'tie' dragged along the table then she leaned forward just enough to catch his attention. Her green eyes held their gaze into his big brown ones. As she crawled up on the table, her hand swept away any paperwork that would get in her way and as her body turned to sit in front of him she placed her feet on each of his thighs. She pulled the one hairpin from its resting place and shook her head loosely to let down her long locks. She leaned down and kissed him with a dark passion. Their lips collided, moans swallowed from one mouth into the other. Her hands cupped his face then slowly moved downward following his masculine curves to his chest. She could feel his pulse escalate. She unbuttoned his collar and leaned into him. Gently kissing his neck, her nose drinks in his scent. Her nipples came alive and craved his attention.
She spread her thighs wider, moving her feet to drape over his shoulders while her hand snaked around his neck. She pulled him down into her wet heat. She had waited long enough. The penalty for denying her was far greater than what the IRS could do. Her back bowed and her head fell back to feel the flick of his swarming tongue against and between her folds. She continued to hold his head down, her hips started to grind his face with little to no care that he may not be able to breathe. It's not enough she thought.Yanking him up by his shirt, her eyes darkened with the first words spoken, "Fuck me or get out!" In no time, she felt the hardness of his throbbing cock slide into her. His generous manhood stretched her slicked velvet walls then, they closed around him like a second skin. His hands pawed at her ample breasts, her ankles straddled each side of his neck and their bodies slapped together. She felt the heat increase as his body rubbed against her swollen clit. The head of his cock teased the snug depths of her aching cunt as her voice cried out for more! More! MORE! Her hands grabbed his hips and she tried to pull him inside of her even more, if such a thing were possible. Panting like a bitch in heat, she finally succumbed to the exquisite agony of an orgasm so strong it nearly kept his cock from moving inside of her. His hot seed splashed against her walls and overflowed from her slit to puddle on the table. His body hovered over her, struggling to find his breath. He never thought doing our taxes could be so satisfying.


Ross said...

Very well-written; very erotic. An extremely sexy scenario. If you haven't already done so, you should think about posting some erotic fiction on

Desert Princess said...

Ross, thank you for your kind words. I will check that out.

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