Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hungry Night

The brightly moonlit sky peeked through the blinds of her bedroom window drawing her attention. She sauntered over to the window and separated the louvers to view the beautiful night. As her eyes adjusted to the vibrant darkness, she observed her dinner date strolling up the walkway. Suddenly, her heart rate elevated and she felt fluttering butterflies in her abdomen. As he approached the front gate, he gazed upwards and noticed her peering through the window. Their eyes met and he stopped to drink in the splendor of her striking silhouette. She knew what he was thinking and she became more excited. She hurried down the stairs and opened the door for him. As always, her beauty stunned him. She was wearing an auburn silk dress which hugged her voluptuous curves and complimented her long golden hair. Its tiny straps exposed her bare shoulders and revealed her ample cleavage. He leaned into her gently cupping her petite waist drawing her close and kissed her soft lips. He had been hungry for her all day.
They stepped into the warm night air and started out on their way to dinner. She leaned over to lightly kiss his ear and whispered that she was not wearing any panties. This brought a devious smile to his face. The anticipation of his touch made her wet. Knowing how her mind works, he watched her from the corner of his eye. She sat back and hiked up her skirt exposing her wetness to him. She loved to tease him so she started to rub herself then plunged her finger deep inside. She brought her finger to his mouth giving him a sample of her sweetness. By now his stiff manliness was demanding attention and she was dripping with anticipation. Neither of them could wait any longer. He drove to a secluded spot on a desolate desert dirt road. They both stepped out of the car. She leaned back on the hood and positioned herself in an enticing pose hoping he would join her. Since she had teased him with her sweetness, he wanted more of her. He eagerly leaned over her and softly rolled his tongue around her silky lips. This drove her wild and she pleaded for him to penetrate her. But it was his turn to tease her. He wanted to make her body quiver and moan. His talented moves soon propelled her body to hum with ecstasy and she began to sway back and forth with the rhythm of his strokes. She couldn’t hold out any longer and she let out a long pulsating moan. He felt a squirt of warm sweetness fill his mouth. Now he was ready. He slipped his very hard, throbbing shaft slowly deep inside her. They both gasped as their breath seemed to temporarily stop. The intense feeling increased and the heat picked up. She begged him to thrust into her deeper and faster. The bright night allowed him to see her expressions of ecstasy. As their eyes fixated on each other, their passions exploded. Out of breath, they both sat back to recover. They both snicked as they noticed a slight dent in the hood of the car.... just a reminder of their night.


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