Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Submissive Evening

She stood in the middle of the living room, her hands rested lightly on her nude hips. She had a look of concentration fixed on her face. She looked around her immaculate surroundings and felt as though she were missing something. After all, it wasn’t like him to leave such a vague and cryptic message for her to follow. It read, “Be Ready Tonight.” The possibilities and implications of those two little words flooded her mind. She had started first thing in the morning - within moments after finding the elusive note taped to her bathroom mirror. The first task she tackled was the house cleaning. It took no time at all considering he would accept nothing less than a well manicured home nor would she. She even remained naked while doing so on the off chance he might return home early. Next on her 'to do' list was dinner, she felt it should be something light, not too filling and would keep refrigerated. With that all out of the way, it was time to prepare the fine details. As the bath water filled she pulled out the purple velvet lined cherry wood box and laid out each instrument of pleasure: blindfold, vibrator, fur-lined handcuffs, feather quill and nipple weights. She systematically arranged each one in its place as she knew his preferences for such detail. She slid her petite frame into the scented steamy water and let out a sigh of relief as she felt it soak into parts of her body she hadn’t realized had become sore and tense. Her entire body exhaled once more as she closed her eyes and let her mind wander about what was to come. Her deep brunette locks complimented the light makeup as beautifully as the gold chain with dangling hearts had adorned her slender ankle.

Standing there in the middle of the living room now, wearing nothing but the anklet and heels, she contemplated her next course of action. She didn't have much time before she heard the sound of his key in the door lock. A smile warmed her features and she moved to lie on the couch with her thighs wide open exposing the excitement that his presence created along her glistening lips. With a huge smile she says..."Welcome home my love, I've been waiting for you.”

His eyes lit up and he was pleased to see her so eager for him. He smiled and told her that she looked beautiful as he fixed himself a drink. She waited for him to take a sip of his cocktail before she continued, “I’m here to serve.” He smiled and chuckled at her stating the obvious. He sat himself in the over sized chair directly across from where she was lying on the couch. She started to get up to move to him but he stopped her, motioning for her to sit back down. She complied. He then motioned for her to sit in the middle of the couch and open her long lovely legs wide. With a boyish grin he said, “I want to see that lovely sweet pussy.” He noted just how wet she was. “It has been longing for attention all day,” she stated. He told her that she must wait. She let out a gentle sigh. “I want to watch you please yourself” he said. Her bright green eyes sparkled as she smiled devilishly and proceeded to slide down the seat of the couch a bit. Her hands started near the back of her neck, feeling the heat that seemed to have been rising through her body all day. Her nipples were already hard from the excitement and begged for her own touch - she closed her eyes and complied by gently but firmly manipulated them. He knew she wouldn’t last long working on her breasts. He was right, as he watched her hand slide down her taunt belly. She slyly looked to him as she played with her thighs. He was intent on watching her fingers as she parted her lips to expose her excitement. She wanted to tease him. Make him hard. Make him pull out his beautiful cock so she could see it. But she caused herself to get more excited than she had anticipated. She needed to touch her clit. She couldn’t hold out anymore. Her back arched as the sensation flowed through her body. She had held off touching herself all day. Now, she was being instructed to do so.

Her hand moved slowly into place, her fingers circled the outside edge of her pussy. Lips still spread open, she exposed her wetness. With eyes closed, head tilted back showing her beautiful neck, she pushed her fingers deeper inside. Her back suddenly arched as she let out a sigh of pure pleasure. Head now tilted downward, she looked straight into his eyes and smiled as her fingers increase in speed. She could see the bulge in his pants starting to grow. This made her even more excited. She loves to arouse him. Faster and firmer she worked her fingers while still gazing intently into his eyes. In her mind, it's his cock that was pleasing her. As he watched her, he sipped his drink and gently adjusted his cock. It was rock hard now and pressed against his already tight fitting pants. She couldn't hold out too much longer, she had wanted him since their last encounter this morning. She has an insatiable appetite for sexual pleasures. Her fingers swayed in and out in perfect rhythm with the music that was coming from the stereo, her breath increased, almost as if she had been running a marathon. She was so close... just a few more strokes... she let out a loud moan as her juices released and left her soaking wet. After giving herself a minute to recoup, she slowly pulled out her fingers and brought them to her waiting mouth. Mmmmm.... so sweet.

She licked her lips, and they both knew what she wanted next. She got up and walked over to him. Just a little weak in the knees, but she recovered quickly. She bent down and took the drink from his hand. She set it down on the end table, then took his head into her hands and kissed him. Deep and passionately their mouths melted into one. She so loves the way he kisses. She gently pulled away and started to work her way to his earlobe, kissing and licking him as if he was her favorite meal. She started to unbutton his shirt, pealing it off quickly; she continued to kiss his perfect body. She began to caress him as she traveled downward. Now working at his pants, she managed to unzip them within seconds. His hard cock springs out like a jack-in-the-box. She pulled him upright and without a word took his pants off, then his boxers; a gentle moan of excitement escaped her lips as her eyes fixated on his beautiful cock. She wanted to taste it. She salivated and urgently guided his thick shaft into her mouth. His girth stretched the walls of her orifice. With a firm grip, she stroked him as she drew him in and out. She gazed up at him to watch his face as his was being pleasured. Increasing the friction, she felt his heat. She loved his taste. His head now tilted back and eyes closed, he wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold out. He wanted so badly to explode in her mouth. He so loves her technique. No one has ever been able to satisfy him as only she can. His cock pulsated madly and his body started to quiver. He took a deep breath and remembered the preparations he had her make earlier. He didn’t want to deviate from his original plans. So he reached down and pulled her away from the task she is so intently eager to complete. She looked up at him and wondered if she had done something wrong. He smiled and gently brushed the back of his hand against her soft cheek. She knew all was OK. He helped her to stand and said, “Come on baby, let’s go to the bedroom.” They entered the perfectly coordinated master suite and he directed her to the bed. She assumed the position: lying on her back, still in heels, legs spread open and knees bent with her eyes closed. He first slipped the blindfold over her head and adjusted its position, then, he firmly applied the fur-lined handcuffs, and made sure they were not too tight. He then attached the weights to her large erect pierced nipples. Next, he picked up the feather quill and brought it to her left cheek. Lightly touching her soft skin, he let it travel downward towards her belly. She quivered with every gentle touch. The blindfold heightened her senses. She loves to let him take control and surprise her with his methods of bringing her pleasure. He leaned into her and gave her a long dark and passionate kiss. “Your pussy smells like heaven” he whispered in her ear. He continued to kiss her knowing she melts with each taste of his lips.

A smile appeared on her face when she heard a familiar sound. He took a firm hold of the vibrator and applied it to the outside of her already moist pussy. Slowly, he spread her swollen lips and slid it into her. He knew the exact amount of pressure to apply to bring her to the edge of ecstasy. An erotic moan escaped her lips. He moved it into the perfect position to massage her hardening clit. “Oh yes!” she yelled. Though her wrists were encased in the cuffs, she was able to grab the bars of the headboard. She wanted to come, but had not been instructed to do so yet. He increased the strokes and her body reacted by shaking uncontrollably. “Yes, fuck me baby, fuck me!” she cried. “Can I cum now? Please?” she begged him. “No, not yet” he demanded. He abruptly stopped the action. Her body felt like it was melting into the sheets, she gasped for sexual relief.  He was hungry for her  and couldn't hold back any longer, he must have her now. He set the vibrator down and leaned into her to let his tongue find it’s way to her silk pussy. He loves her taste. She loves his oral talents. He is the best she has ever had. His tongue worked feverishly and her body started to shake uncontrollably again. Quickly he retreated and repositioned himself above her. He guided his throbbing cock into her hot pussy. Yes! This is what they both wanted! “OK baby, it’s time to let it all out, cum with me!” he instructed. This was music to her ears. Her pussy was tingling with pleasure. He took off her blindfold and looked straight into her eyes. As he plunged his swollen shaft into her faster, her hips began to move in sync. They concentrated on each other as the sexual tension formed…. Finally… their juices exploded together. His heart pounded wildly. He gently collapsed onto her trying to catch his breath. They closed their eyes, embraced each other and let the feeling of total bliss engulf their bodies. There was a glimmer in his eye as he began to conjure up his next plan for her....


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