Wednesday, January 6, 2010



I will be be up again with more erotic tales by mid January.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Poolside Pleasures 3

Bursts of brilliant light flashed through the windows of Bella’s bedroom. Curled up in the middle of her bed, the rolling booms of thunder and the fiercely blowing winds drew her attention away from her reading. She got up and peered out the window to see its ferocity. She couldn’t recall the last time she had witnessed a thunderstorm like this. But she welcomed the untamed weather; it was a change from the heated clear nights she was used to. She returned back to her bed and turned out the light and let the sounds of the night rock her to sleep.

The following morning brought the usual bright rays of sunshine which helped to dry up the damp remains of the storm. The strong winds of the previous night had littered the yard with twigs, leaves and random bits of paper. Bella made her ritual morning walk to the palapa in the backyard. A cup of java in one hand, cell phone in the other, and the daily news under her arm she took her customary seat by the pool in the shade of the hut. She started to read the morning paper when something unusual caught the corner of her eye. She glanced over towards the pool and saw that a large palm leaf had fell victim to the wrath of the winds and lay at the bottom. She knew her hired pool man; Pepino was due to come by today for the weekly scheduled cleaning. Thoughts of him brought a salacious smile to her beautiful face.

Bella stepped out of the shower feeling invigorated. The refreshing scent of rosemary and mint lingered in the air. She slowly combed her hair and began to daydream about Pepino. With her eyes closed for a moment, she pictured his strong hands tracing the soft curves of her petite frame. Her body suddenly quivered, as the feelings seemed so real. Her nipples stiffened and begged for attention. She felt duty-bound to comply.

She opened the drawer of her night stand and uncovered the VF3. She had a vast collection of pleasure products and this was one of her favorites. Its three textured thimble shaped cups are made of silicone which fit over her three middle fingers. Its power emanates from the small battery that is wrapped around her palm and is connected by wires. She prefers this tool because it allows her to control the intensity of the moment.

With the VF3 in place and set on medium pulse, she laid on her bed and begun to run her hand down her body. She gently glided over her hard nipples. This, and the continuing thoughts of Pepino, made her heart beat faster. Her attention diverted and she began to feel the wetness building. Returning to her previous mission, she placed her hand at the doors of her swollen gates. She slid her fingers just inside the moist silken walls, paused for a moment to enjoy the vibrations, then slowly began to press deeper inside until finally reaching her happy place. She began to plunge in and out just as she knew Pepino would if he were there with her. As if she had no control, her back arched in response to the ecstasy. Her petite body was confused as her heat conflicted with the goose bumps all caused by the intense feelings of the moment. She wanted so badly to feel his throbbing saft inside her. Manipulating herself, she increased the rhythm and concentrated on his thick manhood entering her aching hollow. His mental picture is bringing her close to exploding. Her moistness increases and she is soaking wet. With one last thought of her young lover she plunged over the sexual edge and her juices detonate leaving her gasping for breath and sighing with relief, he had temporarily satisfied her craving.

Clear minded and smiling, Bella began her chores for the day.

To be continued…

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Brief update

Sorry for the delay in posts. I have been engrossed in the laborous task of moving. With the job now completed, all is good and I can get back to my regular routine. I am currently working on another story. Please check back in a few days. In the meantime, Happy HNT!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bedtime Story

Lie back, get comfy, close your eyes and let me tell you a little bedtime story.

Once upon a time in a boot shaped land lived a dark and sultry woman named Maria. She had olive toned skin which radiated a crisp just out of the shower aroma. Her dark brown eyes hosted flakes of gold which sparkled like glitter in the light. Her hair was thick and wavy and had the texture of the finest silk. It was the color of dark chocolate; it draped her shoulders and cascaded down to the middle of her back.

Now, Maria had a ferocious appetite for pleasing her lovers, but she claimed that she was just conducting research for her new books. You see, Maria was a romance novelist.

On this particular summer afternoon, Maria sat in her usual comfy chair in front of her keyboard working on her latest creative story and watched the construction workers next door through the window. She had been watching them all week and was truly intrigued by one strapping young man who, she imagined, would be ideal to help her with some ‘research’. She knew his name was Angelo because she overheard a conversation between the men one morning while she watered the flowers in her yard. She had visions of creating a character in her book with his traits and fantasized about his touch, taste and smell. Since shyness is not one of her virtues, she grabbed a bottle of wine and some glasses and strolled over to the worksite with the intent on extending an invitation to him. As she approached the group of men, she announced, “Hi, it’s pretty hot today and I thought you may be a little thirsty out here. Please, take a break and have a drink with me.” The guys looked up and smiled at the sight of both the beautiful woman and the refreshing bottle. They gladly put their tools down and accepted a glass of wine. The men began small talk about the big cycle race this weekend and Maria moved next to her target readying herself to make her pitch. “I’m not much of a bicycle race fan, are you?” she asked him. “No, not really, I like more of the contact sports myself,” he replied. She snickered, “Me too, but I prefer the inside activities.” She looked straight into his eyes and winked.

Now I must say that Angelo was a bright man and he picked up on her undertone, but he was also the shy type and her words made him back up a little, unsure of what to say next which created a moment of uncomfortable silence. She was about to speak again but she was interrupted by the group of men who had just finished their drink and their break. One by one, they handed her back the empty glasses while politely thanking her. Then they reluctantly returned back to their tasks. But Maria wasn’t going to let this opportunity go away without a good effort, so she blurted out her appeal to Angelo, “I think you would make a fascinating dinner partner,” she said, “I would like to invite you over this evening. You see, I am a writer and am in the midst of creating a new character who is also a construction worker. I’d like to interview you. I think your talents could help me with my research. My address is easy to remember,” she pointed to the house next door. “Now I won’t take no for an answer, so I’ll be expecting you to come by at 6:30 tonight.” With a wily grin, she plucked the empty wine glass from his soft grip and without allowing him to respond; then turned around and strode across the lot and disappeared behind her door.

Though he wasn’t exactly sure why he had come, he stood upon her threshold at precisely 6:30pm per her instructions. He was not in the habit of accommodating strangers, however she peaked his curiosity. As he stood there, a fresh bouquet of flowers in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other, he read the note taped eye level on the door, “Angelo, please let yourself in, pour yourself a glass of wine and have a seat in the living room.” He complied with the note and stepped inside, now he was truly intrigued, how did she know his name?

Maria’s home had a very comfortable feel to it. The lighting was soft and soothing music streamed from the media player in the living room. As he glanced around the home, he admired the Pin-Up Girl motif and even though he had just met her, he felt it suited her well. The scents of freshly baked bread and pasta wafted through the air and seemed to emanate from what he thought must be the kitchen area.

It wasn’t long until he heard a little movement from the next room. He looked up and there she stood in the shadows of the doorway. He could see that she was incredibly well-formed for her petite size, much like the shape of the pin-up girls in the pictures which adorned her walls. As he scanned her silhouette, he felt a sudden wave of heat which seemed to flash right through him. His eyes became confused as what to focus on first. The dark burgundy corset that cinched her waist forced her heavy breasts to spill out of the top and the flawless shape of her backside complimented her matching silk panties. His attentions were then drawn downward to her firm legs which began with the glistening of her black lace topped thigh highs and ended with the shiny patent leather stilettos that were strapped to her perfectly manicured feet.

She moved towards him and, even in the dimly lit room, he could see her carnal gaze. She reached her hand out, grabbed his and led him into her lair. Once inside, he seemed to have lost control to her. She stood before him and with her soft lips she gently planted a warm sensual kiss upon his cheek and continued to his neck and shoulder. As she drank in his smell, she grew more excited. While unbuttoning his shirt, she began to peel it off and then ran her hands down his firm chest, deciding to stop when she reached the top of his jeans. Pressing her body against his, she could feel the rising of his manhood. She whispered into his ear, “I want dessert first.” Then, as he felt her lips return to his neck to lightly rain more kisses, his body shivered uncontrollably with the excitement of it all. Her hands continued to slide downward and unbutton the fly of his jeans. The soft music seeped through the walls and filled the room with erotic beats that seemed to pilot the movements of her body. She began to move downward completely disrobing him. As she squatted in front of him, his thick shaft responded to her touch and filled her grip. Looking up at him with a hungry gaze, she softly demanded, “I want you. I want you now.”

Taking charge, she positioned herself at the ideal height to allow a perfect entry into her salivating mouth. Her tongue dragged along his throbbing tube while her hands reached behind him grabbing his firm buttocks with the intent to guide him in deeper. She wasn’t satisfied until she could feel him hit the back of her throat. Her passionate moves made him light headed and a bit week in the knees. She enjoyed it as much as he did. As she performed her magical movements, she could taste the beginning of the end. But she was not ready for that just yet. So she abruptly ceased her massage and stood up in front of him. She kissed him hard and flipped herself around and bent over the edge of the bed. “Take me to my happy place, now!” she ordered.

He felt compelled to submit to her commands and he gently pulled her silk panties down and rubbed her round bottom. She repositioned her hips to align with his and gently began to mount him. Reaching back, she took his hands and placed them upon her breasts guiding them to gently tug at her pierced nipples. Her body began to quiver uncontrollably with every new movement. He understood that this was the way to bring her to her ‘happy place’. He watched as she arched her back and he felt her heart beat rapidly increase in sync with the motions of their bodies. He applied pressure to her nipples and listened to her expressions of ecstasy. As he increased the action, their bodies collided wildly, the friction created a steamy heat until finally, she let out a fiery moan as she climaxed. Now it was his turn to take control. He continued to engage his zealous thrusts. His eyes fixated on her beautiful form, she began to beg him for his juices. “I want all of it!” she demanded. “Don’t hold back baby, give it to me!” It didn’t take long, he grabbed her hips, tilted his head back, he concentrated on her until he complied with her demands.

Panting, she turned to him and locked him in her eyesight and uttered, “I’m not done yet my dear. I want to taste your sweetness.” She knelt in front of him and began to run her tongue along his heated rod taking in all his sticky sweet cream. His body shook wildly from the sensations of her touches. She took him deep inside and slowly worked her hands and mouth in sync. Angelo was nearly numb with pleasure by this time. He hadn’t experienced anything like this before.

Maria, now completely satisfied, stood up and licked her lips, “Good till the last drop!” she grinned. She grabbed the two robes which had been conveniently placed at the foot of the bed. She handed him one and draped the other around herself. Taking Angelo’s hand, she led him into the dining room and motioned for him to sit. “I’ll get dinner now, after that work out, you must be hungry. I know I am. We’ll eat some then get back to our research.” She snickered and left the room. Angelo, although feeling quite pleased with the events of the evening thus far, wondered what she would write about him. He and you, will just have to wait for the published book.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Poolside Pleasures 2

Bella walked back out to the pool, fresh margarita in hand to continue her day of relaxation when she heard the phone ring. "Hello" she answered. "Hi Bella, its Sabrina. What time will you be ready tonight?" Bella paused for a minute, then said, "Why don't you come by now and we'll hang out in the pool for a while? We'll have dinner here as well." "How can I pass up such a wonderful offer? I'll get ready and swing by in a few. Hugs..." Sabrina replied, then she hung up. Bella returned her focus on the mission at hand, relaxing on her raft. She knew that Sabrina would let herself in when she arrived. Bella couldn't clear her mind completely. Thoughts of Pepino still haunted her mind. Maybe she'd talk to Sabrina about her lusty urges for the pool boy. She trusted Sabrina’s judgments.

Nearly an hour past and finally Sabrina came sauntering out to the pool. “Well, well, well, lookin’ mighty hot in that new bikini!” she chuckled. “Thanks! It’s my new favorite. Change into yours and grab yourself a frosty drink then join me… I need to talk to you,” Bella countered.

As Sabrina slipped her petite frame onto one of the rafts, Bella began to explain, “I have been fantasying about the guy who cleans my pool, Pepino.” “Pepino? Mmmm, I like the start of this conversation!” Sabrina giggled, “Go on sweetie, I must hear more!” At that, Bella turned a little pink with embarrassment, “Well, he has been servicing my pool for about 2 months now. He doesn’t speak any English but I’m not looking to hear a marriage proposal. ” “Good!” Sabrina responded, “Marriage is over rated anyways.” “So true! Anyways, I can’t seem to get him off my mind lately.” Bella continued, “He seems to have a true gentleness to his nature and I am drawn to it. I can imagine him to be a very erotic lover.” As soon as those thoughts rolled off Bella’s tongue, she felt a wave of heat surge through her body. Reacting automatically, her nipples hardened and she could feel the rising temperatures of moistness between her folds.

Sabrina sensed the intensity of Bella’s passionate reflections. She had been pondering fantasies of her own. Bella had been her first intimate experience with another woman. She enjoyed the fervor that emerged between the two of them during their play sessions and she looked forward to that hungered gaze in her best friend’s eyes. So Sabrina slid off her raft and slowly approached her host while gently brushing her hair back off her face which exposed her striking features. Leaning into Bella, she whispered, “I know what you need.”

Bella slinked her body into the water and stood before her friend. Sabrina’s hand began to trace Bella’s voluptuous curves and she watched as Bella’s body reacted to the tender touches. Sabrina began to rain soft kisses along Bella’s neck and shoulder. This made Bella’s heart rate soar and she felt compelled to arch the small of her back and tilt her head further to the side. The passion built as Sabrina’s kisses persisted to arouse them both. And as if it were a planned synchronization, both of their hands found their way to each other’s bodies. With the amorous Latin beats still wafting through the air, their bodies danced in harmony.

Pepino, still in the neighborhood and feeling guilty from the secret viewing of his favorite client this morning, felt that he should make a second attempt to service her pool a day early. This time, letting her be aware of his presence. But as he approached the backyard, he stopped cold as he could see through the bushes that she was entertaining a guest. Like a train wreck, he felt compelled to watch. Seeing this side of her made him more anxious to be with her himself. But again, his body froze still. He couldn’t bring himself to announce his attendance. So he stayed behind the bushes, peering at the two women and like the virile man that he is, his hand mounted his harded staff and stroked in sync with Sabrina and Bella.

Back in the warm, wet playground, Sabrina could feel that Bella’s body craved for additional attention so she slid her hand into the water and then into Bella’s bikini bottoms. Using the Braille method, she allowed the sensation of touch to guide her fingers to the doors of her lover’s pink palace. Bella, now in the throes of ecstasy, braced herself against the side of the pool and savored Sabrina’s performance. Sabrina peered into her lover’s eyes and concentrated on her task at hand. “Now close your eyes my sweet,” she whispered, “Pepino will take over from here.” Her fingers increased pace and she leaned closer allowing her tongue to play with Bella’s. She knew this action would bring the result she was seeking. As Sabrina’s tongue and fingers thrashed wildly inside Bella, Bella’s right hand found its way into Sabrina’s moist pussy and her left fondled Sabrina’s nipples. The passionate persuasions they each possessed were overwhelming for the both of them. It didn’t take long before their senses boiled over and they liberated their juices. Musical notes of their moans of relief echoed through the yard drowning out the radio.

Pepino, now tucking in his satisfied shaft knew this was the wrong time to make his appearance known. So he turned around quietly and snuck out of the yard.

As she began her recovery from her guest’s visit, she twisted her head quickly towards the gate thinking she had seen someone out of the corner of her eye. Someone by the bushes. “Pepino?” she called out. Sabrina looked up, “What?” “I thought I saw someone by the bushes.” Bella countered. “Wishful thinking I’m sure my sweet. Come on, let’s make something to eat. I’ve worked up an appetite.” Sabrina then tapped Bella’s shoulder and pointed towards the house. Bella, stood still for a moment, could’ve have been him?

Too be continued….

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Poolside Pleasures

She had an unscheduled day off. It was a beautiful sunny day and the weather man forecasted temperatures to rise near the upper 90s. So she decided to relax poolside. It was already midday, so she didn't feel guilty about making herself a large icy strawberry margarita. She loved her quaint little home and valued the privacy of her secluded backyard. She lived alone and truly enjoyed her uncomplicated life.

As her raft skimmed along the top of the cool water guided by the warm breezes, she cleared her mind and would allow only the notes of the soothing music enter her thoughts. The Latin beats echoed throughout her body and made her hips sway without her awareness.

He wasn't due to come by today. But he was in the neighborhood and figured that since she was at work today, it really wouldn’t matter. So Pepino the pool boy walked into her yard with the intent to surprise his favorite customer with an early service call. After he entered the gate, he walked straight into the pool house to gather his supplies. He never noticed her and she hadn’t noticed he was there.

Nursing on her frosty drink and feeling that she was still alone in her little wet paradise, she began to feel sensual sensations penetrating her body from the music. Her free hand snaked around the back of her neck and slowly glided to the front of her chest, then down a bit and at last to rest on her firm belly just above the top of her bikini.

Pepino had finally noticed her through the small pool house porthole. A wave of heat surged through his body as he watched her hand move along her curves. He knew it was wrong of him to watch her without her approval, he should make her aware of his presence, but he felt paralyzed by her beauty and couldn’t move.

Her hand slid behind her back and untied the tiny strings of her bathing suit and slowly peeled it away from her body laying it gently at the foot of the raft. Then she gingerly reached up and caressed her pierced nipples letting out a tender sigh of pleasure. With the Latin rhythms still pulsating through her body and her eyes closed, visions of Pepino invaded her mind. She felt her body tremble with excitement and her juices began to build. She let her hand continue its downward quest as she was now in need of satisfaction. Her fingers found her silky slit and she worked them in gently, allowing them to wiggle about in search of her spot. She placed her other hand back on her breasts to knead her now hardened nipples.

With her attentions aimed on Pepino, she imagined his strong hands gently caressing her naked body as she stood in front of him on the pool deck. His hard cock pressed against her tight ass. She begged him to give her a proper fucking. Now Pepino does not speak a word of English, but he knew exactly what she was asking for. So he firmly placed one of his hands on her waist and one on her upper back and guided her forward so she assumed a bent position over the chaise lounge chair. He propped up a foot onto the chair to allow him to enter her deeper. A soft moan escaped her lips when she felt his hardness stretch her velvet walls.

While she is deep in ecstasy’s thoughts, her fingers frantically flittered inside her pussy. She can feel her clit begin to swell and her bathing suit bottoms are now soaked by her squirting nectar. Pepino is in awe of this site. His thick cock in hand, he rubs it wildly as his eyes stay focused on her. He wants so badly to be inside her.

She desperately wants to feel him behind her. Her fantasy still passionately in motion, she nears the edge of satisfaction. In her mind’s eye, he is now grabbing a hold of her thick hair and tiny waist while thrusting himself deeper inside. She knows this is what she deserves. A good hard fucking. She begs him to cum on her ass and her back. The thought of this put her where she needed to be…. Ahhhhhh Yesssss! Her fingers stopped as her body shuddered uncontrollably from the intense orgasm. She lay still for a few minutes.

Pepino, now weak from his own release, dropped to a seated position while trying to gain control of his heart rate. He never witnessed anything like this before. He is foremost a gentleman and won’t say a word to anyone. He has ached to be with her for a long time but with the language barrier and her social status, he feels she is out of his league. But he will continue to keep his fantasy alive.

She climbed out of the pool and headed into the house to replenish her drink as she is now parched from the heat of the moment. She wondered if being with Pepino would produce the same outcome. She has been enticed by his chiseled physique and intrigued by the language barrier since she first met him months earlier. As she disappeared inside, she thought, “maybe one day….”

Pepino stole this chance to exit the yard while she was inside. As he departed, he thought, “maybe one day….”

To be continued?????

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Salacious Night

He wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her next to him as he spoke, "You look gorgeous!" before kissing her.

They quickly left her apartment and started towards their favorite restaurant. As they drove into the dessert, she leaned over and let her breath caress his neck then she whispered, "Baby...I didn't wear panties tonight!" She watched his eyebrows heighten at the news. She leaned back in her seat and slowly pulled the hem of her skirt upward.

"Careful my love!" he warned her, "I'll need to keep my eyes on the road!" She laughed because the thought of emergency workers pulling up to their vehicle, after it hit a roadside tree, and seeing her skirt around her waist and his hardness, hit her funny bone. But that thought did not deter her. She opened her legs and watched him glance over at her wetness. She told him that it had been wet all day then she ran her fingers up her inner thigh. A moan escaped her lips as she allowed a finger...followed by a second finger to enter her warmth. She slowly finger fucked herself making sure he was watching as he drove. He heard how wet she was as she removed her fingers and slowly moved them toward him. He could smell her sweetness on them before he took them inside his mouth. She knew how much he loved her juices.

"My pussy has needed your attention all day, baby!" She informed him. He quickly pulled the car onto a dirt road and drove about a mile. They admired the beautiful desert sunset as she exited the car and began her seductive walk over to him. "You know. Your body is illegal in 48 of these states!" he said. She giggled as she approached him. They kissed passionately while caressing each other’s body. He then realized that he had been teased too much tonight. He quickly pushed her face down towards the hood of the car. "Don't move." he boldly instructed. She glanced over her shoulder and watched as he drank in her legs...they were about shoulder-width apart. He moved behind her and she felt his hands on the outside of both of her ankles. He slowly drug his hands up the outside of her legs. As they got to her skirt, his hands pushed it up and exposed her naked ass to the warmth of the setting sun. His hands caressed her ass and then she felt his lips kiss it. He worked his way down to the back of her thighs and his lips and tongue caused her to stand on her tip-toes while she leaned against the hood of the car. Her hands stretched out across the hood as she felt his tongue touch the base of her pussy. He let his tongue dance a bit before sliding a finger inside her now dripping wet pussy. He slowly worked his finger around his flickering tongue. Another moan escaped her lips.

After a few moments, he decided that he needed more of her wetness. He flipped her over and spread her legs wide. "I want your cock inside me!" she pleaded. But that's not what he had in mind as he bent down to taste her sweetness once again. Her back arched as his tongue flickered on her clit. He let his tongue start at the base of her hot pussy and moved it upward tapping her clit several times...each time caused her body to convulse slightly. Finally, he slid two fingers inside her. Working them deep, till he found her spot...he knew exactly where it was. Simultaneously, his lips found her clit. Drawing it inside his mouth he gently sucked it. She held on to the hood of the car the best she could as his mouth devoured her pussy and sent chills up her spine. Finally, as if he planned every move, his fingers and mouth worked in concert and 'the wave' started deep inside her. She felt it work through her entire body as wave after wave of her cumming swept across her. She sensed his mouth taking in every last drop. Catching her breath She cried out, "Oh yes!"

She knew what was coming next. As her orgasm subsided, he stood up and unfastened his jeans to expose his manhood. Even though she just came, she held her legs apart as if to say how much she wanted to feel his hardness inside her. Again he teased her by letting the tip of his hard cock rub along the outside of her pussy. "Fuck me. Baby, please. Fuck me!" she begged.

She bit the bottom of her lip as she felt the tip of his cock slide between her dripping thighs. She wanted more of him but again, he just let the tip enter. She tried to pull him inside but he resisted...he was intent on just letting her have just a little of his cock. "No, no, no!" she said as he started to pull out. She gasped a sigh of relief as he pressed inside her again...but only half way. This teasing continued. Her face bore signs of stress as she was weakening for his entire cock. He looked at her and asked, "What's wrong?"

"I want it all" she breathlessly responded.

"Why?" he asked. They had played this game before and she knew how she must answer.

"Because I'm your slut and I need to be fucked!" she exclaimed.

At that, she felt his entire cock press deep inside her. It didn't take many strokes before her pussy, once again, started to constrict around his rock hard cock. As he slammed his cock hard inside her she felt the first wave of her orgasm run through her body. His cock began to swell inside her and that heightened her sensations. Finally, she felt his thick shaft begin to pulse...almost in time with her orgasm. He was deep inside her, filling her completely.

As the waves subsided, she slid off the hood of the car. He started to pull up his pants but she told him to wait. She squatted down next to the car and pulled him towards her and took his softening cock into her mouth. She tasted their juices. Licking and cleaning every drop. Once she finished, she smiled and softly spoke..."couldn't have that all messy down there." And with that, she grew a devilish smile and returned to the car.

Little did he know the evening had gotten started.

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