Thursday, June 4, 2009

Salacious Night

He wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her next to him as he spoke, "You look gorgeous!" before kissing her.

They quickly left her apartment and started towards their favorite restaurant. As they drove into the dessert, she leaned over and let her breath caress his neck then she whispered, "Baby...I didn't wear panties tonight!" She watched his eyebrows heighten at the news. She leaned back in her seat and slowly pulled the hem of her skirt upward.

"Careful my love!" he warned her, "I'll need to keep my eyes on the road!" She laughed because the thought of emergency workers pulling up to their vehicle, after it hit a roadside tree, and seeing her skirt around her waist and his hardness, hit her funny bone. But that thought did not deter her. She opened her legs and watched him glance over at her wetness. She told him that it had been wet all day then she ran her fingers up her inner thigh. A moan escaped her lips as she allowed a finger...followed by a second finger to enter her warmth. She slowly finger fucked herself making sure he was watching as he drove. He heard how wet she was as she removed her fingers and slowly moved them toward him. He could smell her sweetness on them before he took them inside his mouth. She knew how much he loved her juices.

"My pussy has needed your attention all day, baby!" She informed him. He quickly pulled the car onto a dirt road and drove about a mile. They admired the beautiful desert sunset as she exited the car and began her seductive walk over to him. "You know. Your body is illegal in 48 of these states!" he said. She giggled as she approached him. They kissed passionately while caressing each other’s body. He then realized that he had been teased too much tonight. He quickly pushed her face down towards the hood of the car. "Don't move." he boldly instructed. She glanced over her shoulder and watched as he drank in her legs...they were about shoulder-width apart. He moved behind her and she felt his hands on the outside of both of her ankles. He slowly drug his hands up the outside of her legs. As they got to her skirt, his hands pushed it up and exposed her naked ass to the warmth of the setting sun. His hands caressed her ass and then she felt his lips kiss it. He worked his way down to the back of her thighs and his lips and tongue caused her to stand on her tip-toes while she leaned against the hood of the car. Her hands stretched out across the hood as she felt his tongue touch the base of her pussy. He let his tongue dance a bit before sliding a finger inside her now dripping wet pussy. He slowly worked his finger around his flickering tongue. Another moan escaped her lips.

After a few moments, he decided that he needed more of her wetness. He flipped her over and spread her legs wide. "I want your cock inside me!" she pleaded. But that's not what he had in mind as he bent down to taste her sweetness once again. Her back arched as his tongue flickered on her clit. He let his tongue start at the base of her hot pussy and moved it upward tapping her clit several times...each time caused her body to convulse slightly. Finally, he slid two fingers inside her. Working them deep, till he found her spot...he knew exactly where it was. Simultaneously, his lips found her clit. Drawing it inside his mouth he gently sucked it. She held on to the hood of the car the best she could as his mouth devoured her pussy and sent chills up her spine. Finally, as if he planned every move, his fingers and mouth worked in concert and 'the wave' started deep inside her. She felt it work through her entire body as wave after wave of her cumming swept across her. She sensed his mouth taking in every last drop. Catching her breath She cried out, "Oh yes!"

She knew what was coming next. As her orgasm subsided, he stood up and unfastened his jeans to expose his manhood. Even though she just came, she held her legs apart as if to say how much she wanted to feel his hardness inside her. Again he teased her by letting the tip of his hard cock rub along the outside of her pussy. "Fuck me. Baby, please. Fuck me!" she begged.

She bit the bottom of her lip as she felt the tip of his cock slide between her dripping thighs. She wanted more of him but again, he just let the tip enter. She tried to pull him inside but he resisted...he was intent on just letting her have just a little of his cock. "No, no, no!" she said as he started to pull out. She gasped a sigh of relief as he pressed inside her again...but only half way. This teasing continued. Her face bore signs of stress as she was weakening for his entire cock. He looked at her and asked, "What's wrong?"

"I want it all" she breathlessly responded.

"Why?" he asked. They had played this game before and she knew how she must answer.

"Because I'm your slut and I need to be fucked!" she exclaimed.

At that, she felt his entire cock press deep inside her. It didn't take many strokes before her pussy, once again, started to constrict around his rock hard cock. As he slammed his cock hard inside her she felt the first wave of her orgasm run through her body. His cock began to swell inside her and that heightened her sensations. Finally, she felt his thick shaft begin to pulse...almost in time with her orgasm. He was deep inside her, filling her completely.

As the waves subsided, she slid off the hood of the car. He started to pull up his pants but she told him to wait. She squatted down next to the car and pulled him towards her and took his softening cock into her mouth. She tasted their juices. Licking and cleaning every drop. Once she finished, she smiled and softly spoke..."couldn't have that all messy down there." And with that, she grew a devilish smile and returned to the car.

Little did he know the evening had gotten started.


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