Monday, June 1, 2009

Welcome Home

Coming from the shower she could see him patiently waiting for her in the chair. Her skin was moistened with the light perfumed scent of soap. Her hair was damp and combed back, leaving her face open with the glow of her smile that greeted him as as she sauntered to stand before him. She turned her back to him and dropped her towel. She bent over to pick up the remote for the radio and let the music seep into her body as much as his weighted gaze. Her hips swayed simultaneously. Then she locked her knees and took hold of her ankles. She moved slowly as she rose up, and rolled her shoulders back. She heard him undo his pants and knew what awaited her undivided attention. It brought a more salacious smile which curled on her soft lips. She lowered her hips and straddled his thighs with her own then paused for a moment to feel him center his shaft beneath her. She exhaled a sharp gasp as his body entered hers, consuming her from the inside out. Her hips began to grind in slow motion to the rhythm of the music. Her hands took his as she leaned back against his chest and placed them upon her breasts. She watched his splayed fingers knead them and the flesh seemed to seep between them. Each breath became more labored than the last. Her body tensed as the rhythm was lost only to create their own. Erratic whimpers filled the space between them and her hands started to snake back around his neck. Her fingers played in his hair as he rained kisses along her neck and shoulder. The exquisite agony of their joined bodies drew out the primal beast from within them both. Finally, they crashed into the blinding rapture of orgasm. They panted in breathless heat as she smiled to see him and said, "Welcome home baby".


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