Thursday, June 11, 2009

Poolside Pleasures

She had an unscheduled day off. It was a beautiful sunny day and the weather man forecasted temperatures to rise near the upper 90s. So she decided to relax poolside. It was already midday, so she didn't feel guilty about making herself a large icy strawberry margarita. She loved her quaint little home and valued the privacy of her secluded backyard. She lived alone and truly enjoyed her uncomplicated life.

As her raft skimmed along the top of the cool water guided by the warm breezes, she cleared her mind and would allow only the notes of the soothing music enter her thoughts. The Latin beats echoed throughout her body and made her hips sway without her awareness.

He wasn't due to come by today. But he was in the neighborhood and figured that since she was at work today, it really wouldn’t matter. So Pepino the pool boy walked into her yard with the intent to surprise his favorite customer with an early service call. After he entered the gate, he walked straight into the pool house to gather his supplies. He never noticed her and she hadn’t noticed he was there.

Nursing on her frosty drink and feeling that she was still alone in her little wet paradise, she began to feel sensual sensations penetrating her body from the music. Her free hand snaked around the back of her neck and slowly glided to the front of her chest, then down a bit and at last to rest on her firm belly just above the top of her bikini.

Pepino had finally noticed her through the small pool house porthole. A wave of heat surged through his body as he watched her hand move along her curves. He knew it was wrong of him to watch her without her approval, he should make her aware of his presence, but he felt paralyzed by her beauty and couldn’t move.

Her hand slid behind her back and untied the tiny strings of her bathing suit and slowly peeled it away from her body laying it gently at the foot of the raft. Then she gingerly reached up and caressed her pierced nipples letting out a tender sigh of pleasure. With the Latin rhythms still pulsating through her body and her eyes closed, visions of Pepino invaded her mind. She felt her body tremble with excitement and her juices began to build. She let her hand continue its downward quest as she was now in need of satisfaction. Her fingers found her silky slit and she worked them in gently, allowing them to wiggle about in search of her spot. She placed her other hand back on her breasts to knead her now hardened nipples.

With her attentions aimed on Pepino, she imagined his strong hands gently caressing her naked body as she stood in front of him on the pool deck. His hard cock pressed against her tight ass. She begged him to give her a proper fucking. Now Pepino does not speak a word of English, but he knew exactly what she was asking for. So he firmly placed one of his hands on her waist and one on her upper back and guided her forward so she assumed a bent position over the chaise lounge chair. He propped up a foot onto the chair to allow him to enter her deeper. A soft moan escaped her lips when she felt his hardness stretch her velvet walls.

While she is deep in ecstasy’s thoughts, her fingers frantically flittered inside her pussy. She can feel her clit begin to swell and her bathing suit bottoms are now soaked by her squirting nectar. Pepino is in awe of this site. His thick cock in hand, he rubs it wildly as his eyes stay focused on her. He wants so badly to be inside her.

She desperately wants to feel him behind her. Her fantasy still passionately in motion, she nears the edge of satisfaction. In her mind’s eye, he is now grabbing a hold of her thick hair and tiny waist while thrusting himself deeper inside. She knows this is what she deserves. A good hard fucking. She begs him to cum on her ass and her back. The thought of this put her where she needed to be…. Ahhhhhh Yesssss! Her fingers stopped as her body shuddered uncontrollably from the intense orgasm. She lay still for a few minutes.

Pepino, now weak from his own release, dropped to a seated position while trying to gain control of his heart rate. He never witnessed anything like this before. He is foremost a gentleman and won’t say a word to anyone. He has ached to be with her for a long time but with the language barrier and her social status, he feels she is out of his league. But he will continue to keep his fantasy alive.

She climbed out of the pool and headed into the house to replenish her drink as she is now parched from the heat of the moment. She wondered if being with Pepino would produce the same outcome. She has been enticed by his chiseled physique and intrigued by the language barrier since she first met him months earlier. As she disappeared inside, she thought, “maybe one day….”

Pepino stole this chance to exit the yard while she was inside. As he departed, he thought, “maybe one day….”

To be continued?????


Osbasso said...

Hot picture. Hot story!

His BabyDoll said...

I'm loving it!!! Happy HNT

Anonymous said...

Great pic, sexy story too.

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