Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Poolside Pleasures 2

Bella walked back out to the pool, fresh margarita in hand to continue her day of relaxation when she heard the phone ring. "Hello" she answered. "Hi Bella, its Sabrina. What time will you be ready tonight?" Bella paused for a minute, then said, "Why don't you come by now and we'll hang out in the pool for a while? We'll have dinner here as well." "How can I pass up such a wonderful offer? I'll get ready and swing by in a few. Hugs..." Sabrina replied, then she hung up. Bella returned her focus on the mission at hand, relaxing on her raft. She knew that Sabrina would let herself in when she arrived. Bella couldn't clear her mind completely. Thoughts of Pepino still haunted her mind. Maybe she'd talk to Sabrina about her lusty urges for the pool boy. She trusted Sabrina’s judgments.

Nearly an hour past and finally Sabrina came sauntering out to the pool. “Well, well, well, lookin’ mighty hot in that new bikini!” she chuckled. “Thanks! It’s my new favorite. Change into yours and grab yourself a frosty drink then join me… I need to talk to you,” Bella countered.

As Sabrina slipped her petite frame onto one of the rafts, Bella began to explain, “I have been fantasying about the guy who cleans my pool, Pepino.” “Pepino? Mmmm, I like the start of this conversation!” Sabrina giggled, “Go on sweetie, I must hear more!” At that, Bella turned a little pink with embarrassment, “Well, he has been servicing my pool for about 2 months now. He doesn’t speak any English but I’m not looking to hear a marriage proposal. ” “Good!” Sabrina responded, “Marriage is over rated anyways.” “So true! Anyways, I can’t seem to get him off my mind lately.” Bella continued, “He seems to have a true gentleness to his nature and I am drawn to it. I can imagine him to be a very erotic lover.” As soon as those thoughts rolled off Bella’s tongue, she felt a wave of heat surge through her body. Reacting automatically, her nipples hardened and she could feel the rising temperatures of moistness between her folds.

Sabrina sensed the intensity of Bella’s passionate reflections. She had been pondering fantasies of her own. Bella had been her first intimate experience with another woman. She enjoyed the fervor that emerged between the two of them during their play sessions and she looked forward to that hungered gaze in her best friend’s eyes. So Sabrina slid off her raft and slowly approached her host while gently brushing her hair back off her face which exposed her striking features. Leaning into Bella, she whispered, “I know what you need.”

Bella slinked her body into the water and stood before her friend. Sabrina’s hand began to trace Bella’s voluptuous curves and she watched as Bella’s body reacted to the tender touches. Sabrina began to rain soft kisses along Bella’s neck and shoulder. This made Bella’s heart rate soar and she felt compelled to arch the small of her back and tilt her head further to the side. The passion built as Sabrina’s kisses persisted to arouse them both. And as if it were a planned synchronization, both of their hands found their way to each other’s bodies. With the amorous Latin beats still wafting through the air, their bodies danced in harmony.

Pepino, still in the neighborhood and feeling guilty from the secret viewing of his favorite client this morning, felt that he should make a second attempt to service her pool a day early. This time, letting her be aware of his presence. But as he approached the backyard, he stopped cold as he could see through the bushes that she was entertaining a guest. Like a train wreck, he felt compelled to watch. Seeing this side of her made him more anxious to be with her himself. But again, his body froze still. He couldn’t bring himself to announce his attendance. So he stayed behind the bushes, peering at the two women and like the virile man that he is, his hand mounted his harded staff and stroked in sync with Sabrina and Bella.

Back in the warm, wet playground, Sabrina could feel that Bella’s body craved for additional attention so she slid her hand into the water and then into Bella’s bikini bottoms. Using the Braille method, she allowed the sensation of touch to guide her fingers to the doors of her lover’s pink palace. Bella, now in the throes of ecstasy, braced herself against the side of the pool and savored Sabrina’s performance. Sabrina peered into her lover’s eyes and concentrated on her task at hand. “Now close your eyes my sweet,” she whispered, “Pepino will take over from here.” Her fingers increased pace and she leaned closer allowing her tongue to play with Bella’s. She knew this action would bring the result she was seeking. As Sabrina’s tongue and fingers thrashed wildly inside Bella, Bella’s right hand found its way into Sabrina’s moist pussy and her left fondled Sabrina’s nipples. The passionate persuasions they each possessed were overwhelming for the both of them. It didn’t take long before their senses boiled over and they liberated their juices. Musical notes of their moans of relief echoed through the yard drowning out the radio.

Pepino, now tucking in his satisfied shaft knew this was the wrong time to make his appearance known. So he turned around quietly and snuck out of the yard.

As she began her recovery from her guest’s visit, she twisted her head quickly towards the gate thinking she had seen someone out of the corner of her eye. Someone by the bushes. “Pepino?” she called out. Sabrina looked up, “What?” “I thought I saw someone by the bushes.” Bella countered. “Wishful thinking I’m sure my sweet. Come on, let’s make something to eat. I’ve worked up an appetite.” Sabrina then tapped Bella’s shoulder and pointed towards the house. Bella, stood still for a moment, could’ve have been him?

Too be continued….


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