Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bedtime Story

Lie back, get comfy, close your eyes and let me tell you a little bedtime story.

Once upon a time in a boot shaped land lived a dark and sultry woman named Maria. She had olive toned skin which radiated a crisp just out of the shower aroma. Her dark brown eyes hosted flakes of gold which sparkled like glitter in the light. Her hair was thick and wavy and had the texture of the finest silk. It was the color of dark chocolate; it draped her shoulders and cascaded down to the middle of her back.

Now, Maria had a ferocious appetite for pleasing her lovers, but she claimed that she was just conducting research for her new books. You see, Maria was a romance novelist.

On this particular summer afternoon, Maria sat in her usual comfy chair in front of her keyboard working on her latest creative story and watched the construction workers next door through the window. She had been watching them all week and was truly intrigued by one strapping young man who, she imagined, would be ideal to help her with some ‘research’. She knew his name was Angelo because she overheard a conversation between the men one morning while she watered the flowers in her yard. She had visions of creating a character in her book with his traits and fantasized about his touch, taste and smell. Since shyness is not one of her virtues, she grabbed a bottle of wine and some glasses and strolled over to the worksite with the intent on extending an invitation to him. As she approached the group of men, she announced, “Hi, it’s pretty hot today and I thought you may be a little thirsty out here. Please, take a break and have a drink with me.” The guys looked up and smiled at the sight of both the beautiful woman and the refreshing bottle. They gladly put their tools down and accepted a glass of wine. The men began small talk about the big cycle race this weekend and Maria moved next to her target readying herself to make her pitch. “I’m not much of a bicycle race fan, are you?” she asked him. “No, not really, I like more of the contact sports myself,” he replied. She snickered, “Me too, but I prefer the inside activities.” She looked straight into his eyes and winked.

Now I must say that Angelo was a bright man and he picked up on her undertone, but he was also the shy type and her words made him back up a little, unsure of what to say next which created a moment of uncomfortable silence. She was about to speak again but she was interrupted by the group of men who had just finished their drink and their break. One by one, they handed her back the empty glasses while politely thanking her. Then they reluctantly returned back to their tasks. But Maria wasn’t going to let this opportunity go away without a good effort, so she blurted out her appeal to Angelo, “I think you would make a fascinating dinner partner,” she said, “I would like to invite you over this evening. You see, I am a writer and am in the midst of creating a new character who is also a construction worker. I’d like to interview you. I think your talents could help me with my research. My address is easy to remember,” she pointed to the house next door. “Now I won’t take no for an answer, so I’ll be expecting you to come by at 6:30 tonight.” With a wily grin, she plucked the empty wine glass from his soft grip and without allowing him to respond; then turned around and strode across the lot and disappeared behind her door.

Though he wasn’t exactly sure why he had come, he stood upon her threshold at precisely 6:30pm per her instructions. He was not in the habit of accommodating strangers, however she peaked his curiosity. As he stood there, a fresh bouquet of flowers in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other, he read the note taped eye level on the door, “Angelo, please let yourself in, pour yourself a glass of wine and have a seat in the living room.” He complied with the note and stepped inside, now he was truly intrigued, how did she know his name?

Maria’s home had a very comfortable feel to it. The lighting was soft and soothing music streamed from the media player in the living room. As he glanced around the home, he admired the Pin-Up Girl motif and even though he had just met her, he felt it suited her well. The scents of freshly baked bread and pasta wafted through the air and seemed to emanate from what he thought must be the kitchen area.

It wasn’t long until he heard a little movement from the next room. He looked up and there she stood in the shadows of the doorway. He could see that she was incredibly well-formed for her petite size, much like the shape of the pin-up girls in the pictures which adorned her walls. As he scanned her silhouette, he felt a sudden wave of heat which seemed to flash right through him. His eyes became confused as what to focus on first. The dark burgundy corset that cinched her waist forced her heavy breasts to spill out of the top and the flawless shape of her backside complimented her matching silk panties. His attentions were then drawn downward to her firm legs which began with the glistening of her black lace topped thigh highs and ended with the shiny patent leather stilettos that were strapped to her perfectly manicured feet.

She moved towards him and, even in the dimly lit room, he could see her carnal gaze. She reached her hand out, grabbed his and led him into her lair. Once inside, he seemed to have lost control to her. She stood before him and with her soft lips she gently planted a warm sensual kiss upon his cheek and continued to his neck and shoulder. As she drank in his smell, she grew more excited. While unbuttoning his shirt, she began to peel it off and then ran her hands down his firm chest, deciding to stop when she reached the top of his jeans. Pressing her body against his, she could feel the rising of his manhood. She whispered into his ear, “I want dessert first.” Then, as he felt her lips return to his neck to lightly rain more kisses, his body shivered uncontrollably with the excitement of it all. Her hands continued to slide downward and unbutton the fly of his jeans. The soft music seeped through the walls and filled the room with erotic beats that seemed to pilot the movements of her body. She began to move downward completely disrobing him. As she squatted in front of him, his thick shaft responded to her touch and filled her grip. Looking up at him with a hungry gaze, she softly demanded, “I want you. I want you now.”

Taking charge, she positioned herself at the ideal height to allow a perfect entry into her salivating mouth. Her tongue dragged along his throbbing tube while her hands reached behind him grabbing his firm buttocks with the intent to guide him in deeper. She wasn’t satisfied until she could feel him hit the back of her throat. Her passionate moves made him light headed and a bit week in the knees. She enjoyed it as much as he did. As she performed her magical movements, she could taste the beginning of the end. But she was not ready for that just yet. So she abruptly ceased her massage and stood up in front of him. She kissed him hard and flipped herself around and bent over the edge of the bed. “Take me to my happy place, now!” she ordered.

He felt compelled to submit to her commands and he gently pulled her silk panties down and rubbed her round bottom. She repositioned her hips to align with his and gently began to mount him. Reaching back, she took his hands and placed them upon her breasts guiding them to gently tug at her pierced nipples. Her body began to quiver uncontrollably with every new movement. He understood that this was the way to bring her to her ‘happy place’. He watched as she arched her back and he felt her heart beat rapidly increase in sync with the motions of their bodies. He applied pressure to her nipples and listened to her expressions of ecstasy. As he increased the action, their bodies collided wildly, the friction created a steamy heat until finally, she let out a fiery moan as she climaxed. Now it was his turn to take control. He continued to engage his zealous thrusts. His eyes fixated on her beautiful form, she began to beg him for his juices. “I want all of it!” she demanded. “Don’t hold back baby, give it to me!” It didn’t take long, he grabbed her hips, tilted his head back, he concentrated on her until he complied with her demands.

Panting, she turned to him and locked him in her eyesight and uttered, “I’m not done yet my dear. I want to taste your sweetness.” She knelt in front of him and began to run her tongue along his heated rod taking in all his sticky sweet cream. His body shook wildly from the sensations of her touches. She took him deep inside and slowly worked her hands and mouth in sync. Angelo was nearly numb with pleasure by this time. He hadn’t experienced anything like this before.

Maria, now completely satisfied, stood up and licked her lips, “Good till the last drop!” she grinned. She grabbed the two robes which had been conveniently placed at the foot of the bed. She handed him one and draped the other around herself. Taking Angelo’s hand, she led him into the dining room and motioned for him to sit. “I’ll get dinner now, after that work out, you must be hungry. I know I am. We’ll eat some then get back to our research.” She snickered and left the room. Angelo, although feeling quite pleased with the events of the evening thus far, wondered what she would write about him. He and you, will just have to wait for the published book.


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